Sunday, November 27, 2016


We woke up nice and early and got started on the family Thanksgiving turkey! Willie was excited to help me "paint" the turkey with butter!
And making the pumpkin pie!  (With Gus praying something would drop!)
And sweet Annie cakes watched some of the parade with her Momma...looking forward to taking her to see the parade someday!
We spent time with family over the holiday weekend, and we are so thankful for such good family and friends!  Gobble gobble!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

School Pictures

Oh these two just melt my heart!
Harrison- kindergarten
Will- 2's preschool

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

9 Months

Annie Kate you are nine months old and one little ball of heaven!  We just adore you!
At nine months, Annie is:
-crawling all over the place and loves following her brothers around,
starting to take steps, pulling up on furniture,
giving smooches when asked to do so,
eating very well- especially sweet potatoes and noodles,
still working on more teeth- she has four teeth now,
and, well, she is really cute,I must say.  But I drove away with my phone on my trunk this month and have lost lots of pictures, including her 9 month pictures.  Ugh.  It served as a good reminder to back up my pictures from my phone and to go back to using my camera more often than my phone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It was so fun to have three spooks this year!  While I desperately wanted a trio of coordinating costumes, the boys were each very decisive about who they wanted to dress up as for the holiday so I didn't fight it and went with their ideas....Harrison was Pete the Cat, Will was a Ninja Turtle, and Annie was a sweet little strawberry!  (At least I had full control over her costume!)  :)
 Annie and Harrison humored me and let me take some pictures in the backyard. Willie wasn't as willing!
 I did my best with this.  I am not the most crafty, but I loved his unique costume idea so I wanted to make it happen for him.  He was thrilled and that's all that matters- thankful for his easy to please attitude!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Fun Friday

Will's day was made today when his best bud and cousin, Cooper, started preschool and is in Will's class!  Oh what I would have given to have been a fly on the wall in that room today! We had lunch together after school and they were thrilled to be together!
We are loving our warm, evening walks lately and Willie found a sprinkler to run through tonight!  Harrison rode through on his bike.  :)
Annie likes to hold Gus' leash when she can ;)

Birthday Parties

The boys had successful birthday parties just two weeks apart!  It's a crazy couple of weeks but lots of fun!  :)
Will had a Hulk party, of course, and loved every minute of having family over to celebrate with him!


Harrison wanted to have a "jumpy in our yard" and a Pete the Cat (storybook character) themed party.  Easy enough!
 For the first time with their birthdays, I decorated the cake...there was no such Pete the Cat cake.  My dear friend is a talented baker and she gave me some good supplies to help me along!  He was so excited so the effort was well worth it.

Monday, October 3, 2016

8 Months Old

8 months old in the blink of an eye! 
This wild woman is 8 months old!!! She is busy, busy, busy and just as much fun as she is busy!
At 8 months old, Annie is:
wearing size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers,
allllll over going up the stairs,
eating solid foods very well- she is not very picky and is feeding herself finger foods,
taking about 5 bottles each day and moved to bottles without trouble,
taking two naps a day and sleeping pretty well at night (gets up once for milk),
pulling up on furniture and cruising while holding onto furniture,
loves playing with old Gus,
a big fan of her Daddy- she hears the front door open in the evening and bolts for him,
very playful and her favorite thing to play with is toy cars,
loving music and dances when music comes on,
is cuddly and just as sweet as she can be!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Harrison!

Harrison you are SIX today! That sounds so old! How did this happen already?! 
 Harrison you have been the brightest sunshine in our lives since you were born.  You are the sweetest soul and such a kind boy!  You make us so proud when we see you doing nice things for others often and putting others before you without hesitation.  You love life and live everyday to its fullest.  You help me remember not to waste time being mad about things and how important it is to smile through life.  We love you more than you can imagine, HTH!  Happy Birthday you special guy!
At six years old, Harrison
-is loving school and his new kindergarten friends,
-loves to play sports, right now baseball is the favorite,
-is the king of dress up (any kind of mascot especially),
-is starting to read and Pete the Cat is his favorite character right now,
-still adores his "Go Cards",
-has a few favorite foods although he is not a very picky eater and will at least try most things I make for him (favorites are pizza, turkey sandwiches and chicken roll-ups),
-has a few other favorite things I want to remember:
color- orange
characters- Pete the Cat, cardinal bird, Chuck E Cheese
thing to play- dress up
sports- baseball, soccer, football, basketball
place to go- House of Boom, Champs
friends- Will, Owen, Elizabeth and Aubrie.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Mystery Reader

I got to be the mystery reader in Harrison's class today!  I sent in three clues for them to try to guess who the reader was, and Harrison assures me he KNEW it was me!  I read a Pete the Cat book, of course!  ;)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Willie!

Willie is THREE today!
Will is one big personality packed into one little body, and we just love him so! I did a little birthday interview with him and it is a great glimpse of our life with our Willie Wonka!

-What do you like to do with Daddy?  "Play battle"
-What do you like to do with Momma?  "Go to House of Boom"
-What is your favorite place to go?  "House of Boom"
-What is your favorite thing to do at school?  "Play blocks"
-What is your favorite toy?  "Buzz"
-Who is your favorite character?  "HULK!"
-What do you like to watch on TV?  "Hulk and Ironman"
-What do you want to be when you grow up?  "Hulk"
-How old are you today?  "Free"
-Who is your best friend?  "Harrison and the Alveys" (our neighbor buddies)
-What do you like to do with Harrison?  "Play Ninja Turtles"
-What is your favorite food?  "mac and cheese"
-What is your favorite drink?  "cocoa milk"
-What is your favorite thing to play?  "cars"
-What is your favorite color?  "blue"
Will is one super sweet and loving little boy.  He is one big ball of energy and only stops moving when he sleeps!  He is our entertainer and loves to make people laugh.  At dinner on most nights, he loves to tell us stories, especially about his dreams- often dreaming about sharks and dinosaurs.  Willie likes to play all day long, and he has a great imagination with lots of pretend play.  He can happily play on his own or plays very well with others; he has always shared without fuss.  He is the king of going with the flow, rarely having fits about things not going his way and always being up for an adventure without notice.  Willie has taught us to let things go and enjoy the little things in life- he is SUCH a joy.  We love you more than you could ever imagine, Willie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!